EDGE® Full Kit

The First Modular Work From Home Kit
Color :
Basalt Grey
Carrara White
Petra Red

EDGE® is the modular kit that can turn your laptop, tablet or monitor into a full-fledged workstation, whether you are working from home, or you are back in the office. Reduce distractions and boost your productivity.

EDGE® Mount
Thanks to EDGE, your phone becomes an essential tool to improve the management of your tasks.
Always have charts at sight, never lose important messages and emails, work on mobile interfaces in real-time, share your presentation while still seeing other hosts during online meetings.
You can attach the EDGE Mount to virtually any laptop, tablet or monitor.

The high gripping surface and the N52 magnets array have been designed for an ultra holding strength to magnetically snap and support your phone, even in the toughest conditions. The Nano Suction layer lets you attached EDGE Mount to any device while allowing you to remove it without leaving residue.
In the packaging, you will also find one extra Nano Suction layer.

With only 4.5 mm of thickness and an ergonomic smooth edges design, EDGE Mount is almost invisible while using and carrying your device.
To increase the strength of the magnets, EDGE comes with an ultra-thin magnetic disc that can be attached to your phone or to your phone’s case.
Our proprietary magnetic disc is fully compatible with Qi wireless charging.

Three colours to satisfy every taste:
- Carrara White, clear and elegant as the marble of the Italian city.
-Basalt Grey, classic and neutral as the igneous rock.
- Petra Red, bright and joyful as the rock surrounding the breathtaking Jordanian city.

EDGE® Light*
Light up your calls, EDGE Light is the missing piece to drastically improve the quality of your online meetings. Thanks to its built-in battery, you can use it with or without a cable.

280 lumens of pure brightness! Good lighting can be the difference between a professional and an amateur Zoom call. The EDGE Light is designed with your meetings in mind. You can also choose between three levels of brightness.

*Only available in Basalt Grey.

EDGE® Wireless Charger*
Our Universal Wireless Charger magnetically snaps on your EDGE Mount, it safely holds your phone while fast charging it at up to 15W!**

The EDGE Wireless Charger is fully compatible with iPhone MagSafe devices (12 and up), as well as iPhone 8 and up and all Android devices that support wireless charging.

Smartphones except iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, don’t feature internal magnets.
EDGE Wireless Charger comes with an ultra-thin Magnetic Ring that can be attached to your phone or your phone’s case, to make it fully compatible.

Our Universal Wireless Charger is made of unibody CNC machined aluminium, with N52 magnets and an ultra gripping layer on the front surface.

*Only available in Basalt Grey.
**iPhone is limited by Apple to charge at 7.5W on third-party wireless chargers. If you already own a MagSafe charger, you can use it with your EDGE Mount by attaching a magnetic disc to its back.

Designed with love in Switzerland ❤️

EDGE® Mount
• Size: 115x30x4.5 mm / 4.5x1.1x1.7 in
• Materials: CNC machined aluminium, with N52 magnets and an ultra gripping layer on the front surface
• Weight: 34 gr / 1.1 oz

EDGE® Light
• Size: Ø56x11 mm / Ø2.2x0.4 in
• Materials: CNC machined aluminium Basalt Grey
• Brightness: 280 Lumens with x3 levels of control
• Power: 35 Watt
• Weight: 35 gr / 1.2 oz

EDGE® Wireless Charger
• Size: Ø56x6 mm / Ø2.2x0.2 in
• Materials: CNC machined aluminium Basalt Grey with N52 magnets
• Power: 15 Watt
• Weight: 38 gr / 1.3 oz

• 1 EDGE® Mount
• 1 EDGE® Light
• 1 EDGE® Wireless Charger
• 1 Ø55 mm / Ø2.16 in Magnetic Ring
• 1 Ø30 mm / Ø1.18 in Magnetic Ring
• 1 Ø28 mm / Ø1.10 in Magnetic Disk
• 4 Nano Suction Replacement
• 1 USB-C to USB-C cable
• Eco-friendly packaging

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