MagSafe® Desk Stand - Solid Wood

$29.00 USD
Rolling Square MagSafe® Desk Stand
$29.00 USD

Why should you choose between sticking your MagSafe permanently to your desk or have it wiggling around?

Thanks to our "take it or leave it" patent-pending design, you can now set down your MagSafe securely on your desk, and pick it up when you need it, no strings attached.

Simply pick up your phone vertically to keep the MagSafe attached to your phone, or slide your phone sideways to leave the MagSafe in the dock.

The MagSafe Desk Stand is angled at 45°, to allow easy reach and comfortable use.

Designed with love in Switzerland ❤️️

MagSafe charger is not included


• Walnut/Sapele solid wood
• Anti-slide Nanosuction base
• Anti-scratch PU Suede pad
• N52 Neodimium feedback magnets
• Compatible with Apple MagSafe

• MagSafe® Desk Stand - Solid Wood

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MagSafe® Desk Stand - Solid Wood
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