inCharge® Mini

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The smallest keyring cable in the world, MFi certified.
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USB to Lightning
USB-C to Lightning

inCharge® Mini is the MFi certified inCharge®, a series of keyring cables invented by Rolling Square in 2015, with over 1 million units sold.

inCharge® Mini magnetically snaps onto your keychain, so it’s never left behind.
With over 7 billion USB and USB-C ports around the world, inCharge makes low battery a problem of the past.

    input output power
    USB Lightning 5V 2A / 5V 2.4A
    USB-C 5V 2.4A / 5V 2.1A
    USB-C Lightning 9V 2A / 5V 2.4A
    USB-C 5V 2.4A / 5V 3A

    Designed with love in Switzerland ❤️️

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    • Dimensions: 50mm/1.9inch (L) x 12mm/0.4inch (W) x 13mm/0.5inch (H)
    • Charging:
    - 12W USB to Lightning
    - 18W USB-C to Lightning
    - 15W USB to USB-C
    - 15W USB-C to USB-C
    • Data transfer: up to 480mbps / 60MBps
    • N52 Magnets: the highest magnets’ grade possible.
    • Anti-slide system: designed to never lose your inCharge® MINI.

    • Metal housing: the zync-aluminium alloy ensures components’ protection and stability over time.
    • Cable guard: the TPU cable guard protects the cable from reaching its critical bending level.
    • 90 braided copper wires: 90 braided copper wires, protected by a TPU layer and covered with a Nylon reinforcement make inCharge® MINI the strongest single connection keyring cable ever built.

    • iPhone, iPad, iPod
    • Smartphones, tablets
    • Type-C devices
    • MicroUSB devices

    • inCharge® MINI
    • Matte black split ring

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    the smallest and most durable keyring cable ever created.

    inCharge® MINI is the smallest MFi Certified cable for charging and data transfer ever made.

    It is available in four combinations to choose from:

    • USB to Lightning (MFi® Certified)
    • USB-C to Lightning (MFi® Certified)
    • USB to USB-C
    • USB-C to USB-C.


    Despite being the smallest charging cable on the market, InCharge® Mini also supports data transfer up to 480MBps / 60MBps.

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