EDGE® Pro Core - MagSafe phone and tablet holder



EDGE® Pro Core has been designed to magnetically hold any phone and tablet. With its ultra thin 2.5mm / 0.1in profile, it will become the essential tool to improve the management of your tasks.
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Hyperspace Black
Asteroid Grey

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EDGE® Pro Core


EDGE® Pro Core is the basic component of the ecosystem, but it's not anymore just a phone mount. You can now easily detach it from your laptop and keep using it in standalone mode, magnetically holding your iPhone, Android phone and even a tablet!* 


EDGE® Pro Core can attach to the EDGE® Pro Wireless Charger and EDGE® Pro Light, giving you also the chance to adjust the inclination of any module or device it will be combined with, both in portrait and landscape mode! With its ultra thin 2.5mm / 0.1in profile, it will become the essential tool to improve the management of your tasks, also giving you the possibility to benefit of exclusive features like Apple Continuity Camera (MacBook + iPhone) and Apple Sidecar (MacBook + iPad).


*Two EDGE® Pro Cores needed for tablet support. Magnetic rings and discs included for any non-MagSafe device.


Designed with love ❤️️ in Switzerland 

Customer Reviews

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E Law
Products are great and came quickly

Products are great and came quickly.

So far no issues.

Magnets are very strong with magsafe case.

I'd just like more about the nano-suction, as it was unclear on the usage and install with the regular adhesive.

Roberto Berardi
Timely delivery

Timely delivery, easy configuration, all good

Gary L
Great bit of kit

Got one a few weeks ago, fixed the plate to the back of my monitor for home working. A few early teething problems, but quickly overcome.
Now Im using it and sorted and love it. I have since bough another one, to mount the iPad Pro. That's not been as successful, the pro is quite heavy and does pull down on the monitor, causing it to lean to the right a lot. So I have to use the iPad in portrait not landscape. But still as a concept they are great. Going to try using on the laptop at some point.

Camilo Garrido
It’s amazing the product

It’s amazing the product. I loved

David M Collins
I used it for something completely…

I used it for something completely different than holding my phone. I used it to attach to my golf cart and hold a MagSafe battery pack that runs my decorative lights on my cart! Very happy with my install.

EDGE® Pro Core

Thanks to EDGE® Pro Core, your phone becomes the essential tool to improve the management of your tasks. Always have charts at sight, never lose important messages and emails, work on mobile interfaces in real-time, share your presentation while still seeing other hosts during online meetings. You can magnetically attach and detach the EDGE® Pro Core to virtually any laptop, tablet or monitor, since the only piece you have to stick on your laptop or screen is the adhesive Metal plate! This means you can now experiment true modularity trough all of your devices, even by using them independently from your main screen. But how is possible that ANY device is compatible with EDGE® Pro Core? That's possible because it's MagSafe compatible, and able to magically hold iPhone MagSafe devices (12 and up), as well as iPhone 8 and up and all Android devices on the market, thanks to our included adhesive Metal ring. It can easily replace Apple's MagSafe feature simply by sticking it on the back or on the cover of your NON-MagSafe device, easily enabling the magnetic strength you need. Our proprietary adhesive Metal ring is fully compatible with Qi wireless charging.

The high gripping surface and the 30x N52 magnets array have been designed for an ultra holding strength to magnetically snap and support your phone, even in the toughest conditions.

With only 2.5mm of thickness and a solid and strong design, EDGE® Pro Core is the perfect aesthetic companion for your laptop, as it comes with two elegant colours: Asteroid Grey, which perfectly matches the Apples MacBook's Space Grey colour, and Hyperspace Black.
EDGE® Pro Core
• Size opened product): 154x58x2.5mm / 6x2.3x0.1in ; Size (closed product): 79x58x5mm / 3.1x2.3x0.2in
• Materials: CNC machined aluminium, with 30x N52 magnets and 4 ultra gripping layers on the front and back surfaces
• Weight: 59gr / 2.1oz

EDGE® Pro Core 
• 1 EDGE® Pro Core
• 1 Magnetic disc
• 1 Metal plate
• 2 Metal discs
• 1 Metal ring
• 1 Plate Nano suction layer
• 1 Disc Nano suction layer
• 1 Plate remover 
• Eco-friendly packaging

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Hyperspace Black
Asteroid Grey
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