Why Rolling Square?

A rolling square is a solved problem. Solving problems is the philosophy of our team and the foundation of our product design process.


We are tech minimalists. We aim at creating actually useful products, meant to make everyday life a little bit easier. We work with three goals in mind: functionality, premium quality and high end design.


Our vision is to remove barriers between people and technology. We believe that the best technology is beautiful, yet natural and intuitive to use. The core of our design process is making products that fade in the background, yet improving our daily life in a seamless way.


Our products are built on the feedback of hundreds of thousands of users who are part of the Rolling Square family. We combine this feedback with the design expertise of our Italian product designers, to nail down every detail of our products, from usefulness and durability, to aesthetical value.

based in switzerland

We are a team of crazy innovators based in Switzerland, from all over the world. We never stop looking for problems to solve, constantly thinking about how we can improve life through technology. We love our job and the community of like-minded people that surrounds us! 😎

Work / Life balance

We love to work in a peaceful environment in order to have the best brain storming sessions with the team. A good balance between working life and free time is necessary to always have a fresh point of view, in order to identify problems and find solutions.


Rolling Square is growing! Are you interested in joining our team?

We are looking for talented and like-minded people, with a passion for technology and product design. We are hiring in the fields of product design, marketing and software development. If you work in a different field but think you'd be a good fit at Rolling Square shoot us an email anyway, worst case scenario we'll make new friends!

Send us your CV or Portfolio and let us know why you'd like to join our team: