Rolling Square began as an Indiegogo project in 2014. 

Two brothers, Lorenzo & Carlo Ferraris, who at the time were 24 and 18 years old, decided to launch a product that they initially made for personal use: a tiny charging cable, designed to magnetically snap on the keychain. With little knowledge about the market, we didn’t have high hopes, we just thought it would be a cool project.

Nonetheless, inCharge, Rolling Square’s first product, became one of the largest crowdfunding campaigns per community size, with more than 30.000 backers and $500k+ raised. As we were packing thousands of envelopes by hand in our living room, we realised we were onto something.

From our software background, we decided to move fully to hardware product development. Over the following years, inCharge became the number 1 keyring cable in the world, and Rolling Square turned into a multi-product tech brand, with millions of units sold worldwide, whose main values are good design, high quality, and usefulness at its core.

Today, innovation is an integral part of the Rolling Square process. Most of our products stem from the real needs of our team and community, solving problems that weren’t addressed before. Often protected by numerous patents, our best-selling products are life hacking yet unique. In other words, you are not going to find them anywhere else.