inCharge® M - 60W, Magnetic-tidying, anti-tangle cable

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Introducing the inCharge® M, the magnetic anti-tangling cable – your ultimate and innovative solution designed to maintain an orderly and tangle-free workspace while providing a fast charge of 60W and a USB-C to USB-C connection.
Size :
2m / 6.6ft
1m / 3.3ft

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inCharge M's highlight in the magnetic tidying, anti-tangle feature, effortlessly ensuring the cable remains neatly looped, even when in use, thanks to the magnetic material, reducing clutter and enhancing organization. With a 60W fast charge capacity and seamless data transfer capability, the inCharge M combines efficiency with versatility. Elevate your charging experience, optimize workspace functionality, and enjoy a neat and clutter-free setup with this exceptional cable.

Designed with love ❤️️ in Switzerland 

Customer Reviews

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Got everything in perfect order and at…perfect predictability

Got everything in perfect order and at the predicted time

Works as advertized.

Works as advertized.

Carl Hursh
The coil holds its shape

The cable has a good look, is sturdy, and the coil holds its shape.

Mr Zed

Back in December 2018, I backed a startup company that had produced an in-ear headphones called Hyphen. I was so impressed with the build quality and high standards that I have purchased various Rolling Square projects, from cables to portable charges. Everything is made with the user in mind and to a extremely high standard.

I had a **** with a purchase recently and Elizabeth in the Customer Service team resolved my **** with great understanding and appreciation of the situation.

Amazing service and I wish the Rolling Square team nothing but success in all future endeavours.

Magnetic tidying
Thanks to the magnetism in the cable, each loop of the cable is attracted to each other, allowing for smooth winding of the cord and perfect loops every time its set down, making for a tidy and utilized workspace

60W fast charging
inCharge® M allows USB-C to USB-C super fast charging up to 60W. Thanks to its proprietary chip, inCharge® M can even charge laptops and tablets. So that you’ll never be without power again.

Phone to phone
inCharge® M allows your phone or your tablet to become a power source you can use when standard charging ports are not nearby.

Data transfer
inCharge® M supports both charging and data transfer, allowing you to quickly transfer your data, with a speed of 480Mbps.

• Length: 1m / 3.3ft and 2m / 6.6ft
• Data transfer speed: 480Mbps

• Metal housing
• Copper wires
• Nylon braided reinforcement
• Embedded magnetic material
• TPU reinforced cable
• Mylar Film insulation

• iPhone 15 and after, iPad 6 and after
• Laptop, tablets and smartphones with USB-C ports
• USB-C Android devices

• inCharge® M 1m / 3.3ft or 2m / 6.6ft
• Eco-friendly packaging

• Instruction sheet

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inCharge® M - 60W, Magnetic-tidying, anti-tangle cable
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